Bettervits review: Are they worth buying?

The supplement market is heavily saturated and not all brands are created equal! So, what makes a supplement brand worth buying from?

For me, it is important they don’t use nasty fillers, that they are transparent about their manufacturing, and that they harness the power of natural ingredients where possible. Not a lot to ask for, I’d say. However, there are so many brands out there doing the opposite.

Bettervits is a supplement company that I’ve been testing out. Continue reading to find out why their brand is one of the better ones!


  • No fillers
  • Good range of vegan options
  • British made


  • Some sweeteners used in gummies

What is Bettervits?

Bettervits is a British supplement company with a predominantly vegetarian-based range of vitamins and minerals, many of which are also vegan-friendly. Do watch out for a few of their products that contain animal products, like marine collagen and bovine gelatin.

They manufacture their supplements in the UK to ensure they maintain high standards across the board.

Is Bettervits subscription only?

No, Bettervits offers subscriptions and one-off purchases. Their subscription offer saves you up to 33% on a product and you can manage it through your online Bettervits account. It is easy to pause or cancel subscriptions.

I’ve read a few Bettervits reviews online that mention they were signed up for a subscription without requesting it. This is probably because the subscription option is selected by default, so if you want to buy one-off, make sure that option is selected.

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The ingredient lists of BetterVits supplements on a white surface infront of a green plant for this BetterVits review
A close up of the ingredients list on Bettervits supplements

The positives

After testing out a variety of their vegan supplements, here is what I enjoyed about Bettervits.

They contain zero nasty fillers

There are zero nasty fillers inside all of BetterVit’s supplements. This means you are getting 100% of what you are purchasing with no potentially harmful ingredients. Many fillers, like magnesium stearate, can wreak havoc with your gut. Others may cause issues with our immune system and heart health.

Fillers are often used in the supplement industry to bulk out pills, reduce manufacturing costs, and stabilise vitamins and nutrients. There are more effective and healthier ways to achieve all of that without using filler ingredients.

Thankfully, Bettervits avoid using them altogether!

Good range of vegan options

The vegan supplement industry is growing as more and more people are looking to plants to meet all their daily nutritional needs. Bettervits has a good range of vegan options to choose from, covering many of the essentials.

Here are the vegan-friendly products that I am aware of upon writing this: Zinc, Probiotic, Turmeric, Biotin, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, PMS Complex, Sound Asleep Gummies, Ashwagandha, Vitamin C, and their Multivitamin.

However, I would love for them to introduce a filter on the product page to locate all the vegan-friendly options easily.

British-made supplements

As a company operating in the UK, it is great to see that they are taking control of their manufacturing by keeping it close to home. This means they have more control over the process and can ensure everything is produced to a higher standard.

They also follow GMP and ISO quality standards for all of their products.

The quality of the supplements is shown in the results. I have been taking their turmeric capsules after the gym and have been enjoying fewer aches and pains. I have also been using their vegan-friendly probiotic supplement to create homemade cultured plant-based cheese rather successfully!

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A close up of the ingredients and sweeteners on BetterVits gummies for this BetterVits review
A close-up of the Sound Asleep gummies ingredients, which contain sweeteners

The negatives

No supplement is absolutely perfect. To present a well-rounded Bettervits review, I want to share the negatives with you too.

The Sound Asleep gummies contain sweeteners

Sweeteners are growing in popularity and we are starting to see them pop up in all sorts of supplements. However, there are many conflicting studies on their potentially harmful effects on our health. Personally, my gut doesn’t allow me to consume any sweeteners. They set off my IBS!

Unfortunately, BetterVit has a product that contains sweeteners, their Sound Asleep gummies. Understandably, these gummies are best taken before bed and sugar can cause issues with sleep. So I understand the use of sweeteners. It is common to see them used in bedtime products. I would still prefer small quantities of sugar.

A close up of BetterVits supplements on a white surface infront of a green plant for this BetterVits review

My verdict

Bettervits has a great range of supplements, including essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as complexes for sleep, PMS, gut health and more. Everything is manufactured in the UK and contains zero fillers.

I found all of the vegan-friendly supplements that I tried to be effective. They were clean and easy to digest. My only issue was with the sweeteners inside the Sound Asleep gummies, but this won’t be a problem for many people.

I find their supplements to be reasonably priced, especially if you sign up for a subscription. I’d certainly say they are worth buying if you are looking for a great range of supplements manufactured to a high quality with zero nasty fillers!

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