Cities with the Most Michelin Restaurants in 2024

The Michelin Guide, launched over a century ago, has become a benchmark of culinary excellence, highlighting the world’s finest dining establishments. In recent years, the Guide has expanded its geographic coverage, bringing more cities into the spotlight and recognizing their culinary contributions.

Our research team has crunched the latest data to reveal the cities with the most Michelin stars in 2024.

1. Tokyo

No of restaurants: 180

Tokyo, with an impressive 180 Michelin-starred restaurants, remains the city with the highest number of Michelin restaurants in the world. Known for its amazing culinary scene, Tokyo offers everything from traditional sushi and kaiseki to traditional French or innovative fusion cuisine. The city’s commitment to culinary artistry and excellence solidifies its position as a global gastronomic leader.

2. Paris

No of restaurants: 122

Guy Savoy in Paris; Photo courtesy of Guy Savoy

Paris, the epitome of fine dining and the birthplace of haute cuisine, boasts 122 Michelin-starred restaurants in 2024. While the French capital is outranked by Tokyo, France can boast about being the country with the highest number of Michelin restaurants in the world, outranking Japan, which placed second.

Dining out at a Michelin restaurant in the French capital doesn’t come cheap – the average tasting menu is priced at €210, while you can pay up to €680 to dine out at one the most expensive restaurants in Paris.

3. Kyoto

No of restaurants: 100

hamachi (Yellowtail) sashimi

Kyoto, with 100 Michelin-starred restaurants, is celebrated for its traditional kaiseki cuisine and meticulous attention to detail. The city’s rich culinary heritage and serene ambiance make it a haven for those seeking refined and authentic Japanese dining experiences.

4. Osaka

No of restaurants: 85


Osaka, known as the “Kitchen of Japan” during the Edo era, is home to 85 Michelin-starred restaurants. The city offers a vibrant food scene, ranging from delicious Japanese street food to high-end dining. Osaka’s culinary offerings reflect its energetic spirit and dedication to gastronomic excellence.

5. London

No of restaurants: 80

Big Ben, London
Big Ben, London

London, with 80 Michelin-starred restaurants, stands out as a major player in the global dining scene. The city’s diverse culinary landscape includes everything from traditional British fare to cutting-edge modern cuisine, making it a top destination for food enthusiasts.

6. Hong Kong

No of restaurants: 79

Hong Kong, with 79 Michelin-starred restaurants, is renowned for its amazing food culture. The city offers a unique blend of Cantonese cuisine and international influences, creating a rich and varied dining experience that attracts gourmets from all over the world.

However, Hong Kong is also known for being especially pricey and fine dining does not make an exception. The city ranked third among the most expensive cities to dine out at a Michelin restaurant.

7. New York

No of restaurants: 68

Dish at Oxalis NYC
Photo courtesy Oxalis NYC

New York City, boasting 68 Michelin-starred restaurants, is a culinary melting pot. The city’s dining scene is a reflection of its cultural diversity, offering a plethora of options from upscale fine dining to innovative street food.

New York is home to two of the most expensive Michelin restaurants in the world: Masa NYC and Caviar Russe, where the costliest tasting menu is priced at close to $1,000 per person. But there are also some more affordable Michelin restaurants in NYC where you can experience a Michelin star meal under $80.

8. Singapore

No of restaurants: 53

View from Braci Restaurant
View from Braci Restaurant in Singapore; Photo courtesy Braci;

Singapore, with 53 Michelin-starred restaurants, has rapidly become a global food destination. Known for its hawker centers and high-end dining establishments, Singapore’s culinary scene is a testament to its cultural diversity and passion for food.

9. Shanghai

No of restaurants: 51

Ultraviolet by Paul Poiret; Courtesy of Ultraviolet;

Shanghai is home to 51 Michelin-starred restaurants, showcasing a fusion of traditional Chinese and contemporary international cuisines. The city’s dynamic food scene and innovative culinary trends make it a must-visit destination for food lovers.

It is also home to Ultraviolet by Paul Poiret, which is one of the most expensive Michelin restaurants in the world.

10. Taipei

No of restaurants: 35

Michelin meal

Taipei, with 35 Michelin-starred restaurants, offers a rich tapestry of flavors, from street food to gourmet dining. The city’s culinary landscape is deeply rooted in Taiwanese traditions, yet it continually evolves, embracing new and exciting gastronomic trends.

Mapped: Cities with the highest number of Michelin restaurants

Asia Dominates Top 10

The Financial Times has recently stated that the West’s relative loss of power is reflected in fine dining, as indicated by the increasing number of Michelin-starred restaurants specializing in Asian and African cuisines.

While we don’t necessarily agree with the entirety of the article, when it comes to the cities with the highest number of Michelin restaurants, the center of gravity has definitely shifted eastwards.

Seven of the top 10 cities with the highest number of Michelin restaurants, including the number one ranked city – Tokyo, are in Asia. Paris, London, and New York are the only non-Asian cities in the top 10.

Please find below the full top 50.

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