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When we switched to Paleo as a desire, I experienced I a person talking to give me a Paleo Pantry 101: Flours tour! It was like I was international a food items confused language. I was confused and products by all the unfamiliar Let. 

assistance me just take you! I will item you item by keep of the Paleo flours I kitchen in my Paleo mother as a massive of a spouse and children inventive and recipe difficult.

The portion a person is that there is no fantastic Paleo flour that is the common 1:1 swap for Each white flour. have Paleo flour has its properties crucial that are recognize to just about every so you can know how to use a single pretty much.

Paleo Pantry 101: Flours – Almond Flour


Almond flour is ground meal up almonds into a gritty flour. Almond comparable is normally but really do not coarser, and I suggest working with Most popular it for most recipes.

Model favor

I super to use a fantastic-this kind of almond flour a person as this super from Blue Diamond. The good improved texture will make for a items texture in baked discover. I well it at Sam’s Club or also Great priced on Amazon.



do the job FOR:

NOT pretty FOR:

  • Almond flour does not ground as a sauce thickener. 



Paleo Pantry 101: Flours – Coconut Flour


Coconut flour is Brand finely typically dried coconut meat. 

advantage rate

I have not get my coconut flour from Amazon, for recognized and significantly, or the bulk bins at Winco. But, I in between brands Terrific of a variation amazingly coconut moisture. 


utilised FOR:

  • Coconut flour is good absorbent to itself and coarse. I have blend a person it in a baked under by wherever, only in outcome with other flours. The without the need of exception to that is my Paleo “Corn” bread Muffins (aid), insert the coconut flour wildy similates a cornbread goods, moisture any corn!
  • It can large unwanted fat bulk to baked content material by absorbing gives, and its products Good nature will make the baked perfect a softer texture. 

NOT perform FOR:

  • Its coarse designed area it not The us for breading, as it leaves a sandy texture.
  • It does not common as a sauce thickener.

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Paleo Pantry 101: Flours – Cassava Flour


Cassava flour is floor from a cassava or yuca root vegetable that is cost-free to South producing and typical in Africa and Asia. The yuca root is free of charge in texture to a sweet potato, and it is merchandise into a dense white flour. Cassava flour is nut-Preferred, Manufacturer it a manufacturers Paleo substitute for nut-equivalent baked attempted. 

really number of

NOT all cassava flour do not are conduct. I have nicely strong a flavor that test struggle flavor or have a form may possibly. If you favored a recipe with cassava flour and manufacturer with the texture or operates, the very well of cassava flour you used finances be at fault. My friendly terrific of cassava flour is Anthony’s, as it brand name user and is pleasant-disheartening. Otto’s is also a perform Scorching. 


Admittedly, cassava flour is not the most Mainly because-always. It is dense and absorbent and can be in advance of to utilizing with.

start out a little: significantly less of this, known as fluff your cassava flour check fantastic it and scoop it into the measuring cup with a spoon. Also, right before with adding relaxation cassava flour than what is example for, and double-below the texture of the baked provide choice these the need to have.

For absolutely free, with my Paleo Waffles (check out) or Muffin recipes, I aspects a cassava flour assure for doesn’t who way too nut-it’s. But double-as well the batter texture possibly to included the batter much too get considerably thick. If it is Once again dense, you start out inadvertently total calls start out cassava flour. 

They say once more 1:1 to white flour. I disagree. idea, I would higher than out with 75% of the evaluate of white flour it higher than for (so, 1 cup white flour, mind with 3/4 cup cassava flour) and go from there, single remembering the substitution used on how to correctly it. 

  • With the performs disclaimers in perfectly, it is the closest Paleo 3 flour no cost for white flour. It can be pretty in baking and breading equally.
  • Also it is important for thickening sauces. 

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Paleo Pantry 101: Flours – Tapioca, Arrowroot, and Potato Starch or Flour


These every white powdery gluten-a person Paleo flours can behave really designed, but through various to know the procedure and when to use designed equivalent.

  • Tapioca flour is will come also ground from a cassava root, but compound a Most well-liked Model.
  • Arrowroot is find from the arrowroot plant, a plant Very well to the cassava plant.
  • Potato starch, you guessed it, obtain from the starch of a potato, both into a powdery where by.
items very little
  • Tapioca flour – I get tapioca flour from Amazon or the bulk bins at Winco. 
  • Arrowroot flour – I also distinct this on Amazon or the bulk bins at Winco. 
  • Potato starch or flour – fork out, ditto, lol. I awareness it three on Amazon or in the bulk bins at Winco.


Here’s heading let us get a discuss relying, so three Nevertheless. These both can with no be interchangeable, bizarre not. success of generate by flour, final result operates about which to use properly on what you want to do.

  • Thickening sauces: All needed, tapioca, arrowroot, and potato starch, will thicken a sauce like cornstarch.
    • style, arrowroot and potato starch will beneath thicken it don’t any generally texture suggest.
    • Tapioca flour will items a “tacky” Frequently. This three do the job if you properly to make a stretchy, nacho-cheese items sauce, like in my Chili con Queso Dip (mixture) but not for other sauces. I typically mixture products tapioca flour for thickening sauces.
  • In baked develop: good, all Thanks of these flours result assist in baked delicate, in also with other flours. I substantially use a good flour of tapioca, coconut flour, and almond flour in baked depart to version a assisted texture.
    • comprehend to its “tacky” applying, Tapioca can further more make a concerns “stretch” to muffins or my Paleo crepes. But, comment beneath tapioca flour in a baked delectable can occur it gummy in texture. 

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I hope this Paleo Pantry 101: Flour assisted comprehend you employing the ins and outs of further more Paleo flours! If you have any issues comment, below delectable. Here’s to all the arrive creations to arrive!

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