The Most Affordable Michelin Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto has welcomed the Michelin Guide two years ago and its rather long wait was rewarded with 23 Michelin-starred restaurants.

But fine dining doesn’t come cheap in Canada’s largest metropolis: Toronto ranked among the world’s 20 most expensive cities for fine dining in a recent analysis published earlier this year by our team. The median price to dine out at one of Toronto’s Michelin restaurants is $290 CAD (roughly $215 USD), on par with Chicago but more expensive than London, Seoul, Rome, and Berlin. It’s also almost twice as expensive as dining out at Michelin restaurants in Vancouver ($155 CAD), the other Canadian city covered by the Michelin Guide.

However, you can still find amazing and affordable Michelin restaurants in Toronto that won’t break the bank. Let’s begin

1. Quetzal

Tasting menu: CAD $125

Address: 419 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1, Canada

Photo credit: @quetzaltoronto

Quetzal is a high-end Mexican restaurant in Toronto’s Little Italy where Chefs Grant van Gameren and Julio Guajardo craft dishes that highlight traditional Mexican flavors using a wood-fired grill. The centerpiece of the dining room is a 28-foot wood fire, where local produce, seafood, and meat are expertly grilled and served on beautiful earthenware plates. 

Quetzal’s menu features in-house nixtamalised tortillas, memelas, empanadas, and unique desserts like epazote raspados and spiced Mexican chocolate tres leches. The wine list is international, complemented by a robust selection of mezcal, tequila, and inventive house cocktails. 

The vibrant, open-kitchen layout adds to the lively atmosphere. Dinner options include a curated menu at CAD 125 or a selection from the a la carte menu with costs typically averaging at $120 per person.

2. Osteria Giulia

Tasting menu: CAD $120

Address: 134 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2H6, Canada

Seafood at Osteria Giulia
Photo credit: @osteriagiulia

Found in Yorkville, Osteria Giulia brings the flavors of coastal Italy to Toronto under the expert guidance of Chef Rob Rossi. The menu showcases seafood-centric Ligurian dishes such as crudo di pesce, handmade pastas, and roasted fish.

The atmosphere at Osteria Giulia is elegant yet relaxed, with an emphasis on warm hospitality and attention to detail. Diners can expect a thoughtfully curated wine list that complements the fresh, vibrant flavors of the cuisine. The a la carte menu features a variety of courses offering a memorable journey through Ligurian culinary traditions. The average cost of a three-course dinner at Osteria Giulia is $120 per person. 

3. Restaurant 20 Victoria

Tasting menu: CAD $96

Address: 20 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C 2A1, Canada

Dish at Restaurant 20 Victoria in Toronto
Photo credit: @twentyvictoria

Restaurant 20 Victoria brings guests an intimate dining experience curated by Chef Jonathan Williams. The restaurant focuses on a seasonal tasting menu that highlights local, sustainable ingredients, reflecting a modern Canadian culinary philosophy.

The minimalist, contemporary setting enhances the dining experience, allowing the dishes to shine. The seven-course tasting menu, priced at $175, changes regularly to feature the best available produce, meat, and seafood. The restaurant also offers a four-course menu during weekdays at an affordable $96. Wine pairings are thoughtfully selected to complement the evolving flavors of the menu.

4. Edulis

Tasting menu: CAD $200

Address: 169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V 1C9, Canada

Dish at Edulis in Toronto
Photo credit: @edulisrestaurant

Edulis is a small and charming restaurant in Toronto’s King West neighborhood, celebrated for its dedication to foraged ingredients and seafood. Co-chefs Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth craft a menu that emphasizes the purity and simplicity of natural flavors, often incorporating wild and seasonal components.

The rustic, intimate ambiance of Edulis is perfect for a relaxed yet refined dining experience. The multi-course set menu is priced at $200 and emphasizes Spanish cooking traditions with seafood, vegetables, and other seasonal treasures.

5. Don Alfonso 1890

Tasting menu: CAD $220

Address: 1 Harbour Square 38th Floor, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, Canada

Dish at Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto)
Photo credit: @donalfonsoto

Situated in the downtown core, Don Alfonso 1890 brings the heritage of Italian fine dining to Toronto. Chef Ernesto Iaccarino, from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Italy, offers a sophisticated menu featuring contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. 

The grand, opulent setting of Don Alfonso 1890 provides a stunning backdrop for the multi-course tasting menu, which includes signature dishes like the Lobster Alla Diavola and Eggplant Millefeuille. The main tasting menu is priced at $220, providing a lavish journey through Italian culinary excellence. The restaurant also offers an a la carte menu, as well as an extensive wine list and expert pairings.

Cheapest Michelin Restaurants In Toronto (Map)

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