Walnut Skordalia (Greek Garlic & Bread Dip)

Skordalia is a common Greek dip produced from toasted bread, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar. It’s a terrific accompaniment to fried fish, veggies, or you can use it as a delectable distribute.

Incorporating walnuts to skordalia offers the dish a nutty taste and a wonderful texture. Enjoy this common skordalia recipe by Greek superstar chef Giorgos Tsoulis.

Skordalia with Walnuts

Walnut Skordalia (Greek Garlic & Bread Dip)

Giorgos Tsoulis

A delicious Greek garlic and bread dip with crushed walnuts. A great dip for fish, seafood, several sorts of meat, or a tasty unfold.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 10 minutes

Whole Time 15 minutes

Class Appetizer

Delicacies Greek


MetricUS Customary



  • 250 gr toasted bread without the need of the crust
  • 10 ml vinegar (or lemon juice)
  • 5 cloves garlic coarsely chopped
  • 150 ml olive oil
  • 70 gr walnuts
  • h2o
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Area the toasted bread in a significant bowl and cover fully with water. Let it to soak for about 5 minutes.

  • Immediately after soaking, drain the bread completely and transfer to a food processor. Add the garlic, vinegar, walnuts, and time with salt and pepper. Procedure at large velocity, little by little pouring in the olive oil in batches until finally it gets to be a paste.

  • When ready, serve with some chopped parsley on prime.


Chefs idea: Getting rid of the inner element, or the germ, from garlic cloves can help decrease the pungent flavor and make the skordalia lighter and easier to digest for some, as the germ can be harsh on the tummy for some individuals.
Walnut Skordalia (Greek Garlic & Bread Dip)

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Giorgos Tsoulis

Movie star Chef Giorgos Tsoulis specializes in modern day Mediterranean cuisine and his recipes are greatly appreciated not just in Greece and Cyprus but also about the world. &#13
He has been the executive chef of a lot of thriving Greek dining establishments, when at the exact same time internet hosting many well-liked culinary Tv set demonstrates in Greece and Cyprus. Giorgos Tsoulis is passionate about educating his enthusiasts in far more sustainable and healthier cooking and feeding on whilst creating the most of the flavors of the substances. &#13
As sustainable cuisine ambassador for WWF Hellas, he plays a crucial job in cooking activations that relate to the European #Consume4Adjust application, as effectively as the #Farm2Fork method.

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